Calendar on Sale


I know this is a bit late, but the calendar has been approved and is on sale. ALL 12 MONTHS! DONE!
Time to start a new project. Hopefully I will start on a manga now because calendars don't do so well.... and I might need to find a new seller that apporves Shotacon material. Could P*ypal E-Shop work? I'll try to find out.

EDIT: Link Added for this product on the English Another thing to note is that I cannot use Paypal for "direct" transactions with my products. For anyone living outside of North America, or if you are unable to use any of the DLSite for transactions, you can contact me regarding the use of Paypal to make indirect transactions with my products as they are mostly going to be listed under the "Adult" category.

2014calpre.jpg for the Japanese Site (日本語)
2014calpre.jpg for the English Site



While I'm waiting for the calendar CG to release, here's something you all might enjoy if you like soccer and shota!
The mascot: Fuleco!

Complete set can be found here:

Website Overhaul


I am announcing a complete overhaul of the webpage (
probably starting next week anytime right now. I'll keep this entry updated for as long as the website is being remodeled. During this maintenance time, all pages will be blocked.

The main purpose of this update is that the non-adult section of this site will be permanently erased. It's just too much for me to maintain both the general homepage and the adult homepage (if you have found it so already) at the same time. Therefore, after this overhaul, all /x/ extension webpages will no longer exist. They will replace the root page, so the shop page for example will move from ( to (

Please be assured that the website will still be available until further notice.

Calendar is Finished


Ahh! The Calendar is finished. I procrastinated a lot over this over the past few months and only during this month was when I buckled down and got to work. After graduating from college, I was at a loss over my future, but for now I have more free time to draw as I please. Though I had fun in the past few days cheering for soccer during FIFA, here was a drawing I did for the calendar back in December last year. Hope this meets the season!

I have returned... I think I will draw the Brazil FIFA's mascot in shota style right now... ku ku..

Busy Winter


I thought some of you might like BDSM with Stitch+AngelxReuben.. Hope you enjoy the sadism here!

Unwanted Comments (スパムのコメント)

I have lately been noticing a lot of spam messages being generated on this blog. Therefore I must put new rules in place effectively immediately:

1. Posting comments will now require security confirmation (captcha numbers) for every comment posted on this blog.

2. Using the comment box with commercial intent of online solicitation or advertisement (including webpage hyperlinks) of any product or services is strictly prohibited.*

3. Comments must be appropriate in terms of sound judgement and will not tolerate any forms of prejudice or hate for reasons pertaining to, but not limited to age, race, religion, sexuality, or any other forms of discrimination that targets a specific group of interest.

4. First time offenders will be let off with a warning and comment may or may not be subject to deletion at the webmaster's discretion. Repeat offenders will be subject to a permanent IP Address ban from commenting on BOTH the blog and website, any may be reported to depending on the type and severity of the offense.

5. Even if you have the freedom of speech on the web, blogs and websites here are still subject to certain rules: sound judgement, morality, and physical jurisdiction. I encourage you to heed the particulars outlined on the Tokyo Supreme Court in Japan and Nevada State Supreme Court in the United States.

Any questions, please contact me at

*If you are in need of advertising space on either my blog or my website, please email me for permission and approval at!!! I may also offer to post your advertisement (including images, multimedia, and web hyperlinks) at the top entry box of the blog on your behalf. The use of advertisement space will be approved on a case by case basis and any criminal or civil violations indicted by the use of this advertising space will be subject to either the Tokyo Supreme Court in Japan or the Nevada Supreme Court in the United States. The website, its staff, and webmaster of this blog and website will not be liable. The use of advertising space will be subject to monthly fees (quote will be given in either the Japanese Yen or US Dollar upon approval). The webmaster has every right to remove any advertisement in violation of rules or extreme immorality and reject payment as a result of such action.

Half Done, Half to Go



Ah, it's almost the end of the year and one thing is for certain:

I still haven't finished the 2014 Calendar like I promised earlier. Fortunately, I have done enough to submit the first half of my work to DLSite for pending review.Hopefully I'll get a good response back in the next 7-14 days. For now, my standing price is at 300 yen (recently changed to 200 yen and yet again becomes 210 yen after release) for anyone wanting to get a head start on the calendar. I will be dropping the price at a later date, probably November or December of 2014 when I get my other works done.


2014calpre.jpg for the Japanese Site (日本語)
2014calpre.jpg for the English Site

I have been very busy considering that this is my graduating year from college. After 4 years, I know I have started drawing a bit too slowly, but I hopefully will be able to finish the second half by the end of June 2014. And eventually, the entire set by the end of July.

Meh... So it might be a heartless apology, but I have other things to do in life first.
I might even draw up something in the next few months...

Update once in a while


It's October, and it's quite busy for me at this time of the year. Aside university work, part time work, and general leisure time, I rarely had enough time for myself to devote to drawing. However, I just remembered that I had some leftover rations from my New York trip last August, so I found some microwavable rice and at the last of them. I did take a picture of one of them (before I opened the package and ate the contents) and what inspired me there was: another shota figure for me to take a stab at for my artwork!

Based on the Korean astronaut mascot of the Ottogi microwavable cooked rice, I thought about creating a really unthinkable piece of "Korean shotacon"... Well, I just hope it goes well after uploading it on PIXIV soon after I am finished with this blog entry.

I am currently working on the 2014 calendar project although with the busy schedule I have, I don't even know when it will take me to finish them all! In terms of percentage as of now, I am anywhere from 25% finished with the calendar since I started at the end of August (although if you include the title cover, credits, and back cover that I haven't even started yet, I am only 20% done since I plan to do those images last when I am finished the 12 monthly images for the calendar). Although I might be way too optimistic to say I have to finish this by the December 31 deadline (self-imposed), I hope to finish this calendar at least before the first quarter of 2014.

Slowing Down


Well, my classes already started this week and I'm trying to struggle between life, shota art, and schoolwork. For now, I have completed the commission request for the lovely Monicar who has been gracious to me in the past (personally speaking, as I do know that person in real life). The commission request for Aladdin from the Japanese animation/manga series Magi: Labyrinth of Magic with Ugo-kun, the Djinn (Genie/Djini, but that's what you call them in the original story of the 1000 Arabian Knights).
Although this post is kept secret to the commissioner, the other secret I am also hiding about this work is that I have made this work into a shota art, on the naughty side of me.

Well, it seems like my time for art has drastically decreased as of now and you may see slow progress in more updates from me in the next few months. Hopefully things will speed up again by the Christmas holidays as well as Spring Break, as this will most likely be my last one in college before graduation.

I graciously thank everyone who has supported in the past few months, but do not worry, I'll be back. Someday before the end of this year...
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