Slow Months

So, it's been a while since I last posted on this blog. It was really slow and lazy for me in this season, but hopefully I can make it up by finishing a doujinshi comic book hopefully by spring of next year. Meanwhile, I'm going to be posting new pictures and a shota story in New York starring "Tony" the Newsboy.

I'll post new details and synopsis later on.

The doujinshi comic book on the other hand will be a shota love story between Takuya and Tomoki from Digimon: Frontiers (Season 4) (I know... It's soooo last decade, but I just can't resist making one since a dream I had the other night about a story like this).

"Tony" will not be a doujinshi, but rather full size pictures I will draw time to time and eventually when I have enough pictures done for Tony, I might rearrange it to make a sensible story. Besides, if you've already seen my "1000 HITS" picture I posted months ago, I can tell you now, he is Tony.


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