Calendar on Sale


I know this is a bit late, but the calendar has been approved and is on sale. ALL 12 MONTHS! DONE!
Time to start a new project. Hopefully I will start on a manga now because calendars don't do so well.... and I might need to find a new seller that apporves Shotacon material. Could P*ypal E-Shop work? I'll try to find out.

EDIT: Link Added for this product on the English Another thing to note is that I cannot use Paypal for "direct" transactions with my products. For anyone living outside of North America, or if you are unable to use any of the DLSite for transactions, you can contact me regarding the use of Paypal to make indirect transactions with my products as they are mostly going to be listed under the "Adult" category.

2014calpre.jpg for the Japanese Site (日本語)
2014calpre.jpg for the English Site


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