First Doujinshi Project


It's been a while since I last visited this blog...

While I was busy with school, life, and whatever comes to my mind, I also happened to get some marvelous ideas about the different projects I can start with shotacon...

Anyone heard of the old folktale "The Boy Who Cried Wolf"?
Well, it looks like I might start a "The Boy Who Cried Shotacon!" doujinshi based on the same story... Just one thing that itches in my mind: I am deciding which "wolf" character I should use for this story... My current possibilities include a kemono wolf who likes to rape the boy (gore bestiality) or a perverted human otaku who has a sexual paraphilia for boys.

Well, the story is currently in design stages, so I'm not sure myself if this would go through the way I want to.. Oh well, at least I already started a doujinshi.

I've also updated the "store" section of the blog to get anyone who is reading this a heads up on the upcoming doujinshi I started since January of this year... To access the store page, click on the link "Store" under the "Pages" tab on the right column. The store section is no longer available on In addition, the doujinshi development is on hold for the time being.

Yeah yeah.. I know it's slow to do this now, but I was just simply busy with other things in life than drawing shota all day long.

So my upcoming doujinshi (release date unknown) will star two cute shotas during the Lunar New Year festivities where both (one from Japan and another from Korea) will exchange and share traditions with each other... Hope this will be a FUN project~! XD

Sample Images posted above are available in higher resolution at:
I have removed the CG preview from PIXIV and it is no longer available for viewing.


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