Unwanted Comments (スパムのコメント)

I have lately been noticing a lot of spam messages being generated on this blog. Therefore I must put new rules in place effectively immediately:

1. Posting comments will now require security confirmation (captcha numbers) for every comment posted on this blog.

2. Using the comment box with commercial intent of online solicitation or advertisement (including webpage hyperlinks) of any product or services is strictly prohibited.*

3. Comments must be appropriate in terms of sound judgement and will not tolerate any forms of prejudice or hate for reasons pertaining to, but not limited to age, race, religion, sexuality, or any other forms of discrimination that targets a specific group of interest.

4. First time offenders will be let off with a warning and comment may or may not be subject to deletion at the webmaster's discretion. Repeat offenders will be subject to a permanent IP Address ban from commenting on BOTH the blog and website, any may be reported to fc2.com depending on the type and severity of the offense.

5. Even if you have the freedom of speech on the web, blogs and websites here are still subject to certain rules: sound judgement, morality, and physical jurisdiction. I encourage you to heed the particulars outlined on the Tokyo Supreme Court in Japan and Nevada State Supreme Court in the United States.

Any questions, please contact me at virtualhakubara@gmail.com

*If you are in need of advertising space on either my blog or my website, please email me for permission and approval at virtualhakubara@gmail.com!!! I may also offer to post your advertisement (including images, multimedia, and web hyperlinks) at the top entry box of the blog on your behalf. The use of advertisement space will be approved on a case by case basis and any criminal or civil violations indicted by the use of this advertising space will be subject to either the Tokyo Supreme Court in Japan or the Nevada Supreme Court in the United States. The website fc2.com, its staff, and webmaster of this blog and website will not be liable. The use of advertising space will be subject to monthly fees (quote will be given in either the Japanese Yen or US Dollar upon approval). The webmaster has every right to remove any advertisement in violation of rules or extreme immorality and reject payment as a result of such action.


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