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It's October, and it's quite busy for me at this time of the year. Aside university work, part time work, and general leisure time, I rarely had enough time for myself to devote to drawing. However, I just remembered that I had some leftover rations from my New York trip last August, so I found some microwavable rice and at the last of them. I did take a picture of one of them (before I opened the package and ate the contents) and what inspired me there was: another shota figure for me to take a stab at for my artwork!

Based on the Korean astronaut mascot of the Ottogi microwavable cooked rice, I thought about creating a really unthinkable piece of "Korean shotacon"... Well, I just hope it goes well after uploading it on PIXIV soon after I am finished with this blog entry.

I am currently working on the 2014 calendar project although with the busy schedule I have, I don't even know when it will take me to finish them all! In terms of percentage as of now, I am anywhere from 25% finished with the calendar since I started at the end of August (although if you include the title cover, credits, and back cover that I haven't even started yet, I am only 20% done since I plan to do those images last when I am finished the 12 monthly images for the calendar). Although I might be way too optimistic to say I have to finish this by the December 31 deadline (self-imposed), I hope to finish this calendar at least before the first quarter of 2014.


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