August is here! Bon Voyage!


It's finally August! I'm finally finished classes for the summer term and preparing again for another grudging school year in September..

Meanwhile, I hope you took the liberty of waiting for me since my last blog post here.
It's August Guro ("Erotic Gore") Marathon! Featuring cute little Kousuke Kira from the ongoing manga series and shortlived anime adaptation of "BTOOOM!", I decided to draw, for the very first time of my life: gore, blood, necrophilia, and anything else that normal people will find repulsive, especially if you are eating something as you are watching this, lol...

Well, here is the full set at PIXIV if you want to see the gore I tried to draw based on the events that occured in the actual series (YES, Kousuke really did kill his father with a BIM and literally decapitated him from the waist-up; NO, Kousuke really did not fuck his dead father's corpse after killing him, that was purely a part of my sick imagination based on the series):
I have been working on this for the past week since I finished school in August... Although I will be away from this keyboard for the entirety of next week as I will be away on a personally-arranged shopping spree excursion to New York!
No drawing, no work, absolutely nothing else for next week...

EDIT: I'm back!

Maybe by the end of this week, I will get started on several new projects for the upcoming Anime North convention next year in June (I will be applying for a table).

I apologize if anyone thought I was dead this whole time (died at keyboard, rofl?), but don't worry, I'm still here and alive and well!

My next projects to do are as follows:
-Doujinshi: Vocaloid Parody featuring Len and Ryuto (Gachapoid) forced into an awkward and racy yaoi-themed "LLP" (Love Love Project) planned by devious-minded Rin and Gachapin (I'm still deciding whether I should include Miku as a side character, brief cameo, or exclude her completely.. Mukku [Gachapin's Red Yeti sidekick] will make an appearance as a side character). The doujinshi will be on hold for now, but a promotional image for this doujinshi is already in the making.

EDIT: As of August 21, 2013, the promotional image is finished and can be viewed here via PIXIV here at Upload to website will be done at a later date. I am currently drawing the image for Uchoten Kazoku at the present.

-Image: "The Eccentric Family" ("Uchoten Kazoku" in Japan) anime parody, originally based on the novel will feature the shota-looking youngest brother, Yashiro Shimogamo getting a "naughty surprise" from his prankster-loser older brother, Yasaburo.
-Doujinshi: Currently in planning process, this will be my first officially published doujinshi comics that will feature a non-erotic shotacon boys' love involving school-aged boys.. Though in a thematic manner of approach similar to "Almost Crying" ("泣いちゃいそうよ" or Naichai Souyo in Japan) by Mako Takahashi, this doujinshi will address realistic issues of LGBT rights and societal struggle from a unique perspective. I will hope to sell this one at Anime North next year...

I actually have a longer list than this one here on a personal level, but for now, this is what I can supplement realistically. For now, I will then write again when I have new things to share with you next time! Off to NYC now! Whee!


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