500 HITS!


Full CG Variation Set at: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=36492384

So, it seems like I just got 500 clicks over this blog site...
I am still drawing (and doing other important things in real life), but not as much during the summer... I may get the opportunity to do so during the month of August...

I'm currently working on both my shota-hard titles (pornographic and XXX) and shota-soft titles (I am implying here that shotacon is involved, but with absolutely no sex involved; intimacy and romance is likely to be involved) as well as starting up a circle (publisher "brand name" to sell my works under)...

For the first time, I will be applying this January to Canada's "Anime North" anime convention as a seller/creator in the "amateur artists section"... I have no confidence on whether or not my application will be accepted, but I will try, or else I'll just apply as a guest there..

If I do get in, I will most likely be selling my soon-to-be-planned shota-soft and non-shota comics there (though I still have to go through the review process), but absolutely no shota (as Canadian law prohibits the sale and distribution of such)...


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