Long Time No See

Well, I was out job hunting for the last six months since I last posted something here. I'm just tired and lost my motivation to draw... But the hard boiled thoughts of drawing shotacon and sometimes furry kemoshota remains. I will try in the next few months before the end of this year to get something up here... But no promises... Like I've broken every last one, I still have bills and rent to pay while going about my several part time jobs. I'm no longer in university, I graduated. But no long term career nonetheless to fit my bachelor degree title. So,...

I went back to school, this time: College. I'm finally looking up to a job I really want to do for the rest of my life as a prospective career. In the last six months, these two angels drawing of newsboys was all I got done and zilch in the comics. This time, I'll probably do one more drawing on newsboys at least and hopefully work on the comics a bit more... It's getting a little boring sometimes, but hey I still yearn for shotacon.

Ciao everyone ('w') and hope to post this again in the next several months~!
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