Slowing Down


Well, my classes already started this week and I'm trying to struggle between life, shota art, and schoolwork. For now, I have completed the commission request for the lovely Monicar who has been gracious to me in the past (personally speaking, as I do know that person in real life). The commission request for Aladdin from the Japanese animation/manga series Magi: Labyrinth of Magic with Ugo-kun, the Djinn (Genie/Djini, but that's what you call them in the original story of the 1000 Arabian Knights).
Although this post is kept secret to the commissioner, the other secret I am also hiding about this work is that I have made this work into a shota art, on the naughty side of me.

Well, it seems like my time for art has drastically decreased as of now and you may see slow progress in more updates from me in the next few months. Hopefully things will speed up again by the Christmas holidays as well as Spring Break, as this will most likely be my last one in college before graduation.

I graciously thank everyone who has supported in the past few months, but do not worry, I'll be back. Someday before the end of this year...

New York Triology

nyc.jpgNYC BookNYC Train J

It's September now, and I'll be honest... I didn't get much done over the summer. My classes started this week and I have been procrastinating a lot, playing mindless video games, reading shota books and watching Studio Zealot's "Natsuyasumi" triology while masturbating.. Seriously, at this rate, I'm not even going to be ready for the next convention. I might as well try in 2015 where I would have better luck at it... Then again, I did indulge in the satisfaction of doing parody works and nearly finished my first commission work.. On second thought, forget about what I said the last time about not posting commission works online. In fact, I'll secretly post the works as I do tend to show off a lot.. LOL...

Anyway, I have some comics above describing things that did happen while I was in New York City... I know, some of the things may be a little exaggerated or unrealistic, but I tell my stories from a comical and satirical point of view when it comes to daily happenings... I squeezed them into this post to save space and data, but always feel free to click on each image to see them in full and decompressed original size.
First story: Just a collage of the highlights of my trip, including "The Museum of Sex", "Madame Tussauds" (Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber cameos), Prometheus (the iconic gold statue at Rockefeller Center), and others.
Second Story: "Lookie, lookie, look what I found in Book Off-ie": This is actually a true story, yes, I found shota books at the store in New York, yes, they are all used books sold to the store by shota-collecting individuals, and yes, they are cheap to buy, $5 each can go a long way for a shota book in the grey market of North America. The masturbating and nosebleeding part on my end is pure and simple delusional fantasy. However, I did have the urge to go to the washroom while reading these books lol...
Third Story: I know some of you said this story doesn't make sense... But I will explain: I took the subway from 125th Street on Lexington Avenue (3rd Avenue) intending to get off at 33rd Street Station, where KoreaTown was located just a street below. I mistakenly took the #4 or #5 train (can't remember which one since I was in a hurry at the time) when I should have taken #6 train since the 33rd Street Station I was headed to only has the #6 train stopping there. All other trains (including the train I rode on) just simply bypassed the station. I therefore ended up at 14th Street (the next station that accepted #4 and #5 trains to stop) and took the #6 train back uptown to my real destination. The panic, depression, anxiety, and screaming described here is only exaggerated. Now why would I scream for real, I would look like a mad peson in front of other commuters, lol...

In addition, I got more shota books this week via Amazon.. Amazing.. Next time, I think I will use a deputy service to get certain items that could not be shipped here to get it here... Though it may be risky on a personal level, I think I will be okay most of the time... For now, I'm still working on my commission and just sobering up for classes... Now learning Japanese for the first time... みなさま、 どもありがとうございます!
Still have a lot to learn though...
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