Website Officially Opened

The website is officially open!

Now, since I am presenting adult material on a non-adult section of the site, I am required to post warning and caution notices before any uses approach the adult section of the the site.

I have divided the website into "General" and "Adult" sections, depending on what choice you choose and how carefully you read the fine print, you may as well access the adult site through a conspicuous link on the page listed above.

I am still updating the website and I still have a lot of work to do, both here on the internet and in real life... This may be slaving away on cyberspace, but I still have my own life to run.. So you may not expect anything for the next few weeks as I will be trapped in MMORPG games and travelling abroad, so I won't be updating as fast as you would expect.

But stick around in August and I may be able to give you fans a nice treat when September starts!

Werewolf Children? Anyone?


Though this would officially be my first "aniparo" ("アニパロ" or shortened form for "ANIme PAROdy") published on the blog, this is actually my third aniparo to only be drawn on "tablet only." Not to mention this is also my official first entry on this blog.

Though no one on PIXIV thought of making a shota/loli version of this recent film and its manga adaptation, I just decided to just dabble one here using human to kemono transformation.

For the full transformation process, see the full version at:

By no means I claim anything for using these characters other than the fact that I am the sole author/artist for this parody art, but, I will hold a disclaimer now that I am not responsible for whatever happens to these images. If it is deleted, then so be it.

But then again, why not have an ecstatic fantasy about transforming into an animal? Probably a child's dream to turn into vampires, wizards, werewolf, etc. plus the shota/loli factor can manifest into something like this...

It may be insane, lol... But hopefully, you fans will continue to support me and on this new blog site.
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