Thank You! 100 Hits! -by Hakubara


Already 100 Views? Wow!
Looks like I'll be doing more Shotacon artworks from this point on.. lol...

Coffee Parody


So I decided to do a little parodying of Starbucks. No big deal! Though I did some draft work on the logo in particular, I kinda find the "Shotabucks" logo to be a bit more on the cute side.
And yea, it's also another parodying of Shotarou Kaneda from the anime "Tetsujin-28-go".
"Buckstar"? More like a simple anagram of "Star" and "Bucks", with "Buck" as a pun on "bucking horse", hence the horseshoe. Then again, the star is just there. Is it really a big deal to have a partially-naked mermaid logo for one of the largest Coffee chain store? Maybe, why not have a cute prepubescent boy as one then? Is that even a crime?

Well, my main message today deals with Starbucks trying to rip us all off by selling coffee labelled "fair trade" but really only 6% of Starbucks' coffee beans are actually fairly traded. Then how much of the coffee we buy from then are really fairly traded?

Children's Day!


For now, my debut as a Shotacon Artist officially begins today with a little something special for the occassion. I have debuted my works under the name: 伯原 (Hakubara).

Hope you all enjoy the awe of CG Art in Shotacon!
More of these pictures are at (Japanese/English): (registration required)
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