Long Time No See

Well, I was out job hunting for the last six months since I last posted something here. I'm just tired and lost my motivation to draw... But the hard boiled thoughts of drawing shotacon and sometimes furry kemoshota remains. I will try in the next few months before the end of this year to get something up here... But no promises... Like I've broken every last one, I still have bills and rent to pay while going about my several part time jobs. I'm no longer in university, I graduated. But no long term career nonetheless to fit my bachelor degree title. So,...

I went back to school, this time: College. I'm finally looking up to a job I really want to do for the rest of my life as a prospective career. In the last six months, these two angels drawing of newsboys was all I got done and zilch in the comics. This time, I'll probably do one more drawing on newsboys at least and hopefully work on the comics a bit more... It's getting a little boring sometimes, but hey I still yearn for shotacon.

Ciao everyone ('w') and hope to post this again in the next several months~!



I just faced a writer's block for the first time in the longest time.... So far, I just lost motivation with continuing my Takuya/Tomoki doujinshi... I have been pretty stressed for the last few months trying to make ends meet and aside that, my lack of social life made it impossible for me to dedicate myself in serious shota work. I have uploaded more CGs on PIXIV, but comics will have to wait for now.. Thank you all for supporting me all this time and I wish everyone a happy holiday this month.

Slow Months

So, it's been a while since I last posted on this blog. It was really slow and lazy for me in this season, but hopefully I can make it up by finishing a doujinshi comic book hopefully by spring of next year. Meanwhile, I'm going to be posting new pictures and a shota story in New York starring "Tony" the Newsboy.

I'll post new details and synopsis later on.

The doujinshi comic book on the other hand will be a shota love story between Takuya and Tomoki from Digimon: Frontiers (Season 4) (I know... It's soooo last decade, but I just can't resist making one since a dream I had the other night about a story like this).

"Tony" will not be a doujinshi, but rather full size pictures I will draw time to time and eventually when I have enough pictures done for Tony, I might rearrange it to make a sensible story. Besides, if you've already seen my "1000 HITS" picture I posted months ago, I can tell you now, he is Tony.

Calendar on Sale


I know this is a bit late, but the calendar has been approved and is on sale. ALL 12 MONTHS! DONE!
Time to start a new project. Hopefully I will start on a manga now because calendars don't do so well.... and I might need to find a new seller that apporves Shotacon material. Could P*ypal E-Shop work? I'll try to find out.

EDIT: Link Added for this product on the English DLSITE.com. Another thing to note is that I cannot use Paypal for "direct" transactions with my products. For anyone living outside of North America, or if you are unable to use any of the DLSite for transactions, you can contact me regarding the use of Paypal to make indirect transactions with my products as they are mostly going to be listed under the "Adult" category.

2014calpre.jpg for the Japanese Site (日本語)
2014calpre.jpg for the English Site



While I'm waiting for the calendar CG to release, here's something you all might enjoy if you like soccer and shota!
The mascot: Fuleco!

Complete set can be found here: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=44318096

Website Overhaul


I am announcing a complete overhaul of the webpage (http://lonestarcafe.fc2.com)
probably starting next week anytime right now. I'll keep this entry updated for as long as the website is being remodeled. During this maintenance time, all pages will be blocked.

The main purpose of this update is that the non-adult section of this site will be permanently erased. It's just too much for me to maintain both the general homepage and the adult homepage (if you have found it so already) at the same time. Therefore, after this overhaul, all /x/ extension webpages will no longer exist. They will replace the root page, so the shop page for example will move from (http://lonestarcafe.fc2.com/x/shop.html) to (http://lonestarcafe.fc2.com/shop.html).

Please be assured that the website will still be available until further notice.
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